We Depend on Donations

There is still no fee for campers to attend Lions Camp Tatiyee. We depend solely on donations from Lions Clubs, individuals, businesses, corporations, and grant money. We are capable of serving over 600 campers each season, depending on donations.

Ways You Can Give

Working Poor Tax Credit

Anyone in Arizona who pays state taxes can donate $200 each year as an individual and $400 as a couple. This tax deduction works just like the school tax credit, but it does not interfere with the school tax credit. YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO BOTH AND GET BOTH BACK IN YOUR STATE TAXES. If we had enough people to do this it could actually cover our entire budget.Ideas to piggy back on this: Ask your employer if it would be alright for you to provide flyers for others in your company, or if your company could make us a ‘suggested donation option’ lots of companies will suggest certain tax opportunities to their employers, get Lions Camp Tatiyee on that list.

Please ask your accountant or place of tax service to suggest as an option for tax credit deductions for people who owe money. Most people would rather we get their money. You can copy the flyer attached.

You can donate up to $200 individually or $400 as a couple and your money will be returned through your state taxes.  This does not compete with the School Donation Tax Credit. You can do both!

Just a thought, if everyone of our families and Lions did the tax credit we would have our budget, IN FULL, plus some, every year!

Working Poor Tax Credit – Single

Working Poor Tax Credit – Single

Working Poor Tax Credit – Couple

Working Poor Tax Credit – Couple



It costs us $950 per camper because of the staff to camper ratio being so low, but for marketing purposes to sponsor a camper it only costs $650. Every business has to give a certain amount of the profits back into the community. Lions Camp Tatiyee serves children and adults from all over Arizona. We can even provide a number for how many campers have been or are being served from your community. Take some brochures or use the flyer attached to give out as you go through your schedule.









2015 Calendar

2015 Calendar



Pajama Bottoms

Pajama Bottoms

Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug


United Way

You can write in our number on your United Way donation forms if your company does that, again, ask to get us on the list for your company and we can send you out some brochures or flyers for employees.
Please make donations to our United Way account – 708974.

Matching Grants

Many companies have matching grant programs where they will match funds raised in their community for a certain project. Many times these aren’t used up because they don’t know what to get involved with. Please tell them about the camp and what it really does for you/your camper. Think about the emotional impact and express how camp stays with your camper and promotes more confidence and independence. Those are the experiences that people care about.

Civic Clubs

Ask to speak at a local civic club, Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, Elks, it doesn’t matter which one. Tell them about the camp and ask them to get involved or to make a donation or to sponsor your camper.

*If you see our Lions collecting money for the blind or raising funds in the community for any of our projects, go up and talk to them and tell them what camp means to you. Thank them for their service. It keeps us all motivated.

Gifts in Kind

Sometimes a company will not be able to donate funds but they are willing and able to donate items. These are things that we would be purchasing if we didn’t get them. We go through a lot of bed pads, flushable wipes, food (if we can arrange when), program equipment (things for the pool, stage, mobile golf disc stations, archery targets) or consumable stuff (art). These items will lower our budget if they are donated because we don’t have to purchase them. Please see our wish lists for needed items.

Gifts Cards/Prizes

We have fundraisers all over the state all year long, walk and rolls, bowl a thons, open house, climbing wall events, Christmas village, etc… donate prizes or silent auction items that will draw people in. Send them to the address below and tell us what to use them for.

Purchase A Brick

For $100, you can purchase an engraved brick that will be added to our brick display at the chapel at the camp. You can honor someone and have a brick laid at our chapel.

Download the form to purchase a brick  Download the pdf (pdf)


Plan giving to the camp in your estate, let the camp go on serving by donating to our endowment. We hope that one day we will be able to run camp off the interest from our endowment alone. The money will be invested with Thrivent, a company with over 100 years of experience. It will be invested for the camp and we will only use the interest.

Take a Vacation – Make a Donation!

Mention Camp Tatiyee and for every vacation you take, arrange by Nice and Easy Travel, we will make a donation to Camp Tatiyee. niceandeasytravel.com/

Host a Fundraiser in Your Community

All over the State of Arizona Lions Clubs and other organizations host fundraisers to raise money to operate the camp. If you or your organization is interested in hosting an event please contact us.

In Closing

Think about what connections you have. E-mail one of us below and let’s brainstorm. If you can’t think of anything here working but you still want to help, we can connect you with people in your area who are doing fundraisers, so you can volunteer. We will have a schedule out by October 15th of our events for the year, it will be added to and updated as needed.

Pam Swanson – director@arizonalionscamp.org
Jessica Bernal – asst.director@arizonalionscamp.org
Jake Swanson – programs@arizonalionscamp.org