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Arizona Charitable Tax Credit (formerly Working Poor Tax Credit)

You can make a donation to Camp Tatiyee of up to $400 as a single or $800 as a couple, and get every dollar of your donation back when you file your state taxes!

How it Works

When you file your Arizona taxes, as a single or a couple, you can claim a dollar-for-dollar Arizona Charitable Tax Credit that will either reduce your tax liability or increase your refund.

All you need to do is complete the AZ Form 321 and include it when you file your 2018 state taxes. Camp Tatiyee will provide you with a copy of the AZ Form 321, along with your year-end giving summary, by the time you file your taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit?
The State of Arizona allows you as a donor to take a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your state taxes when you donate up to $400 for single filers or $800 for married couples filing jointly to a qualified charitable organization. This tax credit was previously known as the Working Poor Tax Credit.

Which organizations can I give to and get the tax credit?
The State of Arizona has recognized Camp Tatiyee as a Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO). That means all the donations you make special needs campers can be used to claim the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, up to the $400 or $800 limit.

What will my gift be used for?
Your gift will be used exclusively to provide life-changing summer camp experiences to campers across the state of Arizona. Due to the nature of the tax credit, 100% of all tax credit donations go toward direct service, meaning your entire donation is being used to support a child with special needs!

What if I already take the school tax credits or another tax credit?
The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit does not conflict with the education tax credit or the Foster Care Credit. You don’t have to choose; you can contribute to all three.

How do I get the tax credit when I file my taxes?
Camp Tatiyee will send you the necessary AZ Form 321 in January or you can visit the Arizona Department of Revenue for more information.

What is Camp Tatiyee’s Qualified Charitable Organization Code (QCO)?
Camp Tatiyee’s Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization Code is 20677. All certified charities have been assigned a QCO code, and you will be required to provide this information when you file your taxes.

Do I need to itemize my taxes to claim the tax credit?
You do not need to itemize your taxes to claim the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. You can fill out the short, one-page AZ Form 321 and still claim the credit.

When do I need to make my gift to qualify for the 2019 tax year?
Supporters wishing to claim the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit must make a gift on or before April 15, 2019 for your donation to be applied to the 2019 tax year.

How can I make my donation?
You can make a gift online
*insert link to tax credit transaction page*

or by mail at:
Lions Camp Tatiyee
P.0. Box 6910
Mesa, AZ 85216